Step 1

Add yourBankInformation

  • Your bank details are mandatory for us to be able to transfer your money.
  • You need to add them in Seller Center:  Settings > Your Profile > Bank Account 

 All following details are required:

  • Bank Name
  • Account Name
  • Account Number

Step 2

Get an order

Each new order will add money to your Account Statements in Seller Center, minus the applicable fees.

Step 3

Wait until the money is available

    • Whenever you get a new order, you won’t receive the money on your account immediately as we keep this amount pending for a few days to make sure the customer doesn’t want to return it.
    • You will receive your payment within the timeframe specified in your contract with Sellox.
    • You can see all your pending payments in the “Due and unpaid” & “Open statement” sections of your Account Statements.

Step 4

Receive automatically the money on your bank account

  • Once the payment is due, Sellox will automatically send it to your bank account mentioned in “Your Profile”.
  • You can find in your “Account Statements” the detail of all payments added (credit) or deducted (debit) from your account.

Step 5

Download all documents you need

To give you full visibility on the transactions linked to your account and help you keep your accounting clean, you have the possibility to download at the bottom of your “Account Statements” section the 3 documents below.